Volcano Island Mini Golf

Abandoned Volcano Island
Abandoned Mini Golf
Abandoned Florida
Standard Stealth
  • Nikola Webster

    Hey, I don’t know what it is about “abandoned” that captures me or you. For me, it started when I was 8-9 when we used to explore old hotels in our neighborhood that was on the cusp of gentrification. For context, I’m white and grew up in a black neighborhood in Leeds England that was once a Jewish Mecca. Big grand houses, long winding gardens only council-owned and half-abandoned. So, I spent a child room rushing through these relics looking at silly things like statements, telegraphs, paychecks, and so on. As a kid I had no appreciation for the left behind furniture, for me, it was always trying to uncover the story. The best example I’ve found in the US (to date is Detroit: https://britonthemove.com/detroit-buildings/ You could spend months here trying to see or understand it all. Years if you want to take in the scope of the buildings:) All of that said, I am adding Volcano Bay on my Florida list of “must check out” – I can tell from your photos that this is up to my alley. Nikki – Brit On The Move

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