Riverside Motel & St.Mary’s Liquors

Standard Stealth
Florida Abandoned
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  • Katie

    is this place pretty chill to go and explore or will you get in trouble if you try too?

    • PooltoyWolf

      We went on April 7th of 2019 and weren’t bothered; the only people we saw were also there to explore. There is an agricultural inspection station approximately 500 feet to the south that is usually manned with law enforcement, so I’d avoid making yourself visible near the front of the store building on the south side of the property. As of our visit, it’s still in pretty good condition with minimal vandalism. The floor is collapsing in the shorter of the two motel buildings, so I’d advise against going in that one.

  • shannon r

    how would i find this place? i am in florida…..

  • shannon rosales

    wish i could find this place… i am in florida in pensacola… not sure where this place is

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