New River Railway

New River Railway, A Hidden Gem

Through the winding foothills of Brushy Mountain, TN. Lies a large hunk of metal that once twisted through these very foothills. This rail along the New River was known as the New River railway, perfect for transporting coal from the nearby mines to a local coal wash.

New RiverThe train was left to sit after it over heated in 2008 and hasn’t moved since. Our trip to this train led us astray once or twice, but the third time was the charm due to unknown territory, we did not want to risk getting kicked out or yet, charged with trespassing.

Upon our third and most ambitious trip to the mountain, I finally maneuvered back into the brush and further into the fenced off area of the coal washing facility. This time unsure of where I was actually going, I ran into a man standing next to his truck. As I pulled up, I proceeded to ask him about a train that I heard was close by.

Before I could even finish my sentence he interrupted with

‘Oh yeah yeah the train’

I asked if I could go back there, he said it’s fine but I am not responsible for your car as there is no parking. I took that as a yes, but kept that in mind.

As I rolled away, I thanked the man and ventured down the bumpy dirt road. While I made my way around the bend I almost ran into a couple on their ATV who zipped passed.

I gazed forward and saw a large hill and rugged path. I decided not to get my car stuck and parked on the side of the road.


I hopped out, walked down the hill and across the bridge. Out of the corner of my eye just beyond the trees I could see a large red and green structure which I then realized was exactly what I was looking for. The New River train slowly rotting away.

New River Train

New River Railway



River New



Brushy Mountain

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  • Susan Minor

    How sad to see it just sitting there and rotting away.

    • Yung Tosh

      It is, I had also received word unfortunately that a few years ago someone stole about 10,000 worth of scrap metal from the train as well.

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