William Dunn Moseley’s Plantation

We just so happened to stumble across an abandoned plantation home in Northern Florida.  The home was once owned by the first governor of Florida named William Dunn Moseley in the 1860s. The surrounding block was once an orange grove but is now a heavily populated residential area. William was well known for supporting the agriculture of his time, and resolving conflicts between white settlers and the Seminole Indians in the 1840s.

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William Dunn Moseley

Governor’s Plantation

Plantation Home
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  • Susan Minor

    Very interrested in learning more of this plantation. I had been told it was torn down Years ago!

    • Debi Alameda

      Hello Susan, it is still standing, I pass by it often. There was a caretaker there, I believe that is what he was anyway, for a while and the home was up for sale. Then the for sale sign was gone as was the man I would see sitting on the front porch near the entry to the home;-)

      • Jermaine

        will you be able to give me the address, im a videographer and photographer, im veerryyyy interested

  • Kurt West

    Is this location verified as to belonging to the Governor? Where can I get more information on the Plantation and the Indian slaves the Governor used.

  • Kevin Boldenow

    When was this video produced? krbphotoimage@gmail.com

  • Robin E Williams

    sad that Florida doesn’t preserve its old historical homes

  • Louise Ard

    I was really excited when I seen this. I have heard about it all my life but had no idea that it still existed. My many great’s grandfather was William Dunn Moseley. I would love to know how to find it as I would love to go see it in person. Just watching the video touched my heart so much. Now I want to really go and find it and see it in person. If it was up for sale I hope that the new owners renovate it back to its original status. It is a true piece of Florida history.

    • Denise Moseley

      I am also kin to William Moseley. My dads name is David Moseley. His dad is Robert Clyde Moseley. Do any of these names ring a bell? Would love to hear back from you.

  • kibret

    my dream is to live in a home-like this. I was wondering if someone could give me an address to the home because I would love to see it in person for some reason something is drawing me there like threw the screen
    it’s a very peculiar feeling.

  • Roberta M. Correa

    Please note that the house was constructed Circa 1875, twelve years after Governor Moseley’s passing in 1863.
    The property was once part of Governor Moseley’s estate but the parcel was sold by his son to the family that actually had the house constructed.
    Obviously whoever took this photos was trespassing and with that increasing the house’s vulnerability for vandalism and further destruction.

  • Denise Moseley

    I would love to know more. He is my 6th great grandfather.

  • Suck my dick

    We would all love the address but for some fucking unknown reason nobody wants to give any addresses

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